Monday, November 2, 2015

November 2-6, 2015 Week 11

Today we celebrated the 50th day of school!  Here are some of our friends that dressed for the occasion...
                 50 days smarter in first grade!
                    YEA MAN!  We are cool!

We celebrated in the gym with bubble gum, 50s dance, and many other 50s Day activities!

           Yummy treats!          
Brooks brought us some neat snacks. 
They were round like the zero in 50!

This week in reading we will read a fictional story called "The Big Circle."  Our reading skills are to blend and read long o silent e words; sequence events in a story; discuss proper nouns that name days, months and holidays; contractions; and practice Saxon Phonics reading and phonemic awareness skills.

In Math we will work on foundations of numbers up to 99. We will use base ten blocks, and order and compare numbers.  We will use the math vocabulary greater than, less than, and equal to.

In Science we will explore motion and discuss how things move; push, pull, zigzag, etc.

In Social Studies we will discuss the difference between needs and wants.

Upcoming Events...
November 10 - International Night
November 20 - Early Dismissal
November 23-27 - Thanksgiving Break

Last week we celebrated "Red Ribbon" week!
                                            Red Day!

Dress as favorite book character!

                                                                      Hat Day!

                                                                   Crazy Sock Day!


                On Friday we had some fun Halloween activities!                                          

                                                                 Halloween Bingo

                                                          Toss the ring on the witch's hat!

                                                                    Mummy Wrap!

                                                 Trinity had the closest candy corn estimation!
                               Thanks Mrs. Courtney and Ms. Reyes for the Halloween fun!

Thanks for visiting our class blog!
  See you next week!  :)

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