Monday, August 24, 2015

August 24-28, 2015 Week 1

Welcome Back!  I'm excited to start a new year filled with bright smiling faces!   Today was a great day as we got to know each other and reviewed classroom and school rules.  We read and then sequenced the story "The Day the Monster Came to School." 

ALSO in CLASS...I am assessing students academically so that we will be able to start our reading and math groups in the next couple of weeks.

Happy birthday to Zoe!  She turns 7 on August 25!

Rotation Schedule...
Monday- PE/Library
Tuesday- PE/Guidance
Wednesday- Rotate between PE/Guidance/Library/Art/Music
Thursday- PE/Art
Friday- PE/Computer

Our class got chosen to represent first grade as host to a group of students from China.  I am so excited for the students to have this experience!

We will start our regular routine on Monday.  Students will have have homework on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.  Homework will come home inside their red folders and also attached inside will be a reading log that needs to be completed nightly.  I will send the basal reader on Mondays and other leveled books the other days. Students will also have their library books to read.  Please let them read to you, or with you, or you read to them and document on NO MORE than 2 logs per night. Students will receive a small treat when they complete their log.

Upcoming Events...
September 9 - Supper on a Stick/Class Mtg 
September 11 - Attend CHS Pep Rally
September 24 - CES Back to School Ball

Please revisit our blog this week because student pictures will be added to this post. I am waiting for all photo permission slips to be returned. :) 

Thanks again for sharing your child with me this year!  We are going to have a "blast" learning lots of new things.  If you have any questions please email me at OR call CES at 903-886-3757.

There's nothing better than enjoying a snack and listening to Junie B!

Thanks for visiting our class blog!   :)  

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