Monday, May 25, 2015

May 25-29, 2015 Week 36

I am so sorry that I got behind in posting what we are doing in class!  It has been a busy couple of weeks.  Well weeks 34 and 35 are behind us...and we only have 9 more school days left!  

We are still experiencing lots of rain so please look in your child's folder for any information about changes in upcoming activities.

I will treat students who have 100 stickers with Braum's Ice Cream as a reward for doing a great job in class this year.  BRAVO you did it!!!

On Wednesday we will go AR Glow Bowling in Sulphur Springs.
Please send a sack lunch with a drink.  Please write name on items.

On Thursday we will have our first grade picnic.  It is planned for the City Park , but I am unsure at this time if plans will remain or change.  Students need a sack lunch and 2 drinks. 

Monday, June 1 will be First Grade Family Picnic.  

Tuesday, June 2 will be First Grade Field Day.  If you purchased a field day t-shirt they will be given out next week before field day.

Wednesday, June 3 students will bring home any left over school supplies, and books, etc.

Friday, June 5 will be the last day of school.  Early dismissal!

Mr. Harrison came to eat with Madeline last Friday and he kindly stayed and read a story to us!   Thanks!

                                Dads are great readers too! 

Thanks to Mrs. Kilgore for helping us get started with putting our zoo animal reports on ChatterPix.  The kiddos and I had so much fun doing this!  

Everyone did a super job presenting the habitat of their animal, what their animal ate, and an interesting fact.  Wow!  I learned things about some of the animals that I didn't know.   :)

A couple of weeks ago we had a visit from "Lancie" a miniature horse.  Wyatt's grandmother, Ms. Wheat brought her miniature  pony "Lancie" and told us all about her. We got to pet her and I (being the scaredy-cat I am) even petted her.  Yes I did!  LOL!!!

Thanks Thanks Thanks...

A big THANKS to all the parents who sent snacks on their child's snack day.  Because of you our daily read aloud "Junie B. Jones" was so much more enjoyable!  Thanks so much!

I will send our last newsletter on Tuesday, May 26.  Please keep looking in your child's backpack or folder for any possible school information.  

It has a been a pleasure teaching your child this year!  We have bonded and formed new friendships and relationships that I hope will continue from now on. 


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