Sunday, January 25, 2015

January 26-30, 2015 Week 20

WOW! This is the start of the 4th six weeks!  The school year is flying by!  We will have many activities this semester.  February activities include celebrating 100's Day on February 5.  Bring something to school that represents the number 100!  All projects will be judged and the top 10 winners will be chosen!  Projects will be returned.  On February 13 we will have our Valentine party at 2:15.  Next week I will send a list of student names for you to address Valentines.  February 17 we will have our first Math and Science Carnival at CES.  We will sell tickets for the events.  

We are reading "I'm a Caterpillar" this week.  It is a non-fiction story that follows the life cycle of a butterfly.  We will be able to integrate reading and science.  We will review fact and opinion; blend and read r-controlled words with /er/, /ur/, /ir/, /ar/; identify verbs am, is, are, was, were; and review contractions.

Math we will continue to practice place value to 120.

Science we will study the weather and seasons.

Social Studies we will identify the characteristics of the environment  (landforms, natural resources, lakes, rivers, streams, oceans, ponds)

Our spelling words are getting more and more challenging.  The words come from the sounds that we are learning in Saxon Phonics. Please help your child practice these words as well as the dictated sentences that they are tested over.  Please spend at least 10-15 minutes reading every night.  

All students that have 10 A.R. points will be able to go Glow Bowling with the class in late spring.  You can read and test over your library books and some of our basal reading stories.  The boys and girls seem to really enjoy A.R. testing.  It is motivating and also a great way to check your child's reading comprehension.  Points will start on Monday, January 26.  You have until May 1 to get your points.  Happy A.R. reading!  :)

YAY!  Our schedule has changed and these are our daily rotations...

Monday ~ PE/Library
Tuesday ~ PE/Guidance
Wednesday  ~ PLC Day and specials will rotate
Thursday ~ PE/Art
Friday ~ PE/Computer Lab

                    Guess who our "Mystery Reader" was???

                         "Mystery Reader" please come in!

                                 Mrs. Haddock read "The Snowchild."

           Mrs. Haddock asked comprehension questions about the story.

               Thank you Mrs. Haddock!  We enjoyed you!

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