Friday, November 7, 2014

November 10-14, 2014 Week 12

This week in our class we will read "Life in the Forest."  The purpose of this story is to inform and give information about plant and animal communities.  We will blend and read long u words; discuss author's purpose; identify singular and plural nouns; read words with inflectional ending -ed; and read, sort and write contraction words.  In Saxon phonics we will review letter/sound knowledge, read and code words, read passages and answer comprehension questions.

In math we will add doubles and doubles plus one; and subtraction.

In Science we will discuss force and motion.  We will explore how objects move using magnets, etc.

In Social Studies we will discuss how families of long ago met their basic needs and compare chores done in the past to chores done today.  We will also read Thanksgiving stories and learn about customs long ago with Pilgrims and Indians.

WISH LIST...We are in need of playdough to make spelling words.  Please send if you can.

Stop by the book fair!  It will be here all week Monday-Friday. 

November 11 - PTO Reading/Writing Night
November 20-Stephen Fite Concert
November 21- Early Release
November 24-28 Thanksgiving Holiday

Students were excited to wear their Halloween costumes!  

    Our Saxon Phonics Spelling and Writing Dictation!  
Capital letter, appropriate spacing and correct punctuation! 

        Super Job!!!

   Thanks Oscar for the cute frog socks!  I need these for the chilly weather!


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